Car runs rough andshakes badly over 60mph

My car has around 135 miles and when I get to around 55 to 60 mph it starts to shake very badly. I took it to a mechanical and no reports came back on the computer. aslo it got a tune up and the tire balnce was checked. My mechanic is stumpped?

Your car has only 135 miles on the odometer, and you are paying a mechanic to do a “tune-up” and to balance the tires?

Take it to the dealership for free repairs under the terms of your multiple warranties. If the tires cannot be balanced by conventional means, the warranty will allow for the more expensive Road Force Balancing, even if it means that the dealer will have to send the car to a high-end tire shop for this procedure.

And, avoid that mechanic who thinks that a brand new car needs a “tune-up”.

Is that a mileage misquote ? Otherwise, you barely got the car off the lot ? Assuming it is more, a mechanic is “stumped” is a reason to take it back to the dealer or someone else regardless.

Assuming that you meant that your vehicle was purchased used and only has 135 miles MORE, then:

You probably have a tire uniformity problem. You can read up about balance, run, out, and uniformity here:

That’s a little advanced for the beginner - and if that description fits you, then find a guy with a Hunter GSP9700:

He ought to be able to tell you if it is the tires or not. But this is going to cost you some bucks!

If he confirms it is the tires, then you have one more problem. If the tires are anything but brand new, then your tire warranty will not cover this. Buying new tires would be your only option.

I havepoor typing it’s 135K (135,000)