1999 toyota corolla


hello everybody. my car has 100 miles and runing like new but it has a little problem when I run my car at 60 0r 65 mph the car steering wheel star shaking a little bit but not a lot the shake it is not steady.

I bought it brand new tires they are alingned and balanced also the brakes and wheel bearings are new.

but my car keeps shaking only at that speed.

please give me some more ideas what is going on ? thanks to all


How old are the tires, and how long ago were they balanced? I suspect an out of balance tire, or a broken belt, leaning toward the former. They don’t stay balanced forever.

Only 100 miles on a '99 must be something of a record.


thank you for your response.
recently i did it just getting off the shop
the tires are 3 months old and they are new
but i have this vibration only in the freeway
at 60 or 65 mph less than that nothing.