Car recommendation?

just posted in another department about some specific problems…but I might also be looking to buy a new car in a year or two. I have VW GTI and am looking for a similar car as far as 1. hatchback, 2. engine power, 3. handling 4. auto trans. I would like a car make though that has a better dependability and isn’t in the shop twice a year

Competitive versions from Toyota and Honda are much more reliable. Mazda is a thought too. Also, a new version of the excellent Ford Focus is due out, I think in fall. I’d look it up on line and see if it too might be worth the wait.

The Mazdaspeed3 comes immediately to mind. Then maybe the Scion tC.

In a year or two there may be more choices.

Agree; if you want day to day reliability and long life, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra and Mazda 3 models are your best choice. Don’t worry about the Toyota recalls; whatever is wrong will be fixed at no cost to you.

All these have a “performance/sport” version with good handling and more power. The Ford Focus has improved immensely since it was introduced, but I would shy away from a new model.

Speed 3 is stickshift only. the regular 3 is available with automatic. also, the tC is the coupe, the xD is the hatchback

Let me amend my original comments to second the Scion tC. Niece has one. It may not handle as well as VW did, but in most other areas, it seems to be an excellent value.

I heard a report a few days ago that Scion sales are horrible. I smell a deal!

I don’t believe civics come as hatchbacks anymore do they?

What is scion anyway? Do they have a parent company?

Toyota…with the same reliability advantage/problems; but recalls ? I’m not aware of. Any out there ?

Scions are Toyotas, and just as reliable.

The WRX can be had in hatchback form (I think). I don’t know if it can be had with a slushbox though, I would be surprised if it were.

any thoughts on the Suburu Impreza? (my wife had a suburu forester which the transmission gave out after 100k though)

“…but recalls ?”

Scion is assembled in Japan, not North America.

The WRX is both a sedan and 5 door hatchback. It only comes with a 5 spd manual transmission.

Thanks for verifying that. I didn’t think it was availble with an automatic. I’m thinking the OP may have to learn to drive a stick shift if he/she wants a quick car that happens to be hatchback.

An Audi A3 might fit the bill. It has an automated manual transmission, which I guess means that it has an automatic clutch. But it is expensive and not as fast as the WRX or Lancer Evolution.

The Volvo C30 might work as well.

The Volvo C30 was on my short list previously but I’ve heard not-so good things about the car and also about Volvo in terms of reliability

“a quick car that happens to be hatchback” I guess should be the title of the thread - auto trans of course. You’re right, though, a lot of the cars I’m looking at are sticks. Right now my short list contains the Suburu Impreza 2.5i and Toyota Matrix. Not so powerful as a VW GTI but not totally lame