Mazda3 vs. VW Rabbit vs. Scion tC

I’m looking at one of these models for my next new car. Opinions?

Even though I’ve owned VWs, their recent reliability problems would have me looking at the 3 or tC - which one fits you and your needs better? They’re both good, reliable cars - the 3 might save you money on insurance, be sure to check before you buy.

I’d skip the VW. Too many reliability concerns.

The choice between the tC and the Mazda3 sort of comes down to how many doors you want/need. Are you looking at the Mazda3 sedan or 5-door?

I like the tC and the Mazda3 (especially the 5-door). Tough choice.

Rabbit is the best one to drive and sit in by a far margin, it is in a different class of car even though price is the same. However the reliability remains a question.

I am going to agree with the 3 who posted responses already. If you based your choice solely on driving dynamics, the VW would be the one to buy. However, if reliability is a priority, I would suggest that you concentrate on the Mazda and the Scion, which are totally in a different league when it comes to reliability.

The Rabbit prior to 2004 has less than average reliability. Since 2007, it is better than average. The source is Truedelta.

Agree; I would also look at the Hyundai Elantra; a very reliable car and you get a lot for your money.

VW could certainly have improved, but they don’t yet have the track record to back it up. I would also check mileage, the Mazda, with its smaller engine, might be better than either of the 2.5l cars.

I agree with McP that the Mazda and the tC are both good choices.

I’ve put over 90,000 miles on my '05 tC and I absolutely love it. My son drove mine two years ago and liked it so much he bought one. He loves his too.

Test drive all 3 and go with the one you like the best. I’ve only test drove the 3 5door and it was pretty fun to drive. Not as fun as the CX-7, but that’s another story altogether. If you can afford the MazdaSpeed 3, then all the power to ya, but be able to drive stick as it comes no other way.

Thanks for your responses, everyone. Test drove the tC tonight and loved it – tomorrow I’ll give the Mazda3 a shot. I may rule out the Rabbit based on the reliability issues mentioned here.

Unless the 3 knocks my socks off, I’m leaning toward the tC, even though it’s a little more sporty than I was originally considering.

Almost all cars are reasonably reliable these days. It’s not like the 60’s and 70’s when you could get an amazingly unreliably car, like a Renault, Fiat, or anything British.