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Car Parts from Ebay for my 2000 Chevy ASTRO

I don’t know if you have been reading my “Mystery Mileage” post on my ASTRO but I have a new question. How reliable is it buying car parts over Ebay?

Last night I was doing searches for the cost of a new fuel pump on the internet and I found the best deals on Ebay, which seem to be reliable
suppliers. I found NEW fuel pumps with sending equip. from $45.00 to OEM around $250.00, with free shipping and I believe no tax (TX is 8.25%).
All of thes claimed to be for a 2000 to 2005 Chevy ASTRO. (I have not contacted any local suppliers yet to compare prices.)

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from a dedicated auto parts seller on eBay with a high number of feedbacks (many thousands) and a high percentage (98+) of positive feedbacks.

More important is the manufacturer/brand. A low quality part will be disappointing no matter where you buy it.

I wouldn’t buy from an individual, but legit businesses now use EBay too. What I do if I see something on EBay is go to the businesses’ website directly, leaving EBay out of the transaction.
No offense to EBay, but it prevents me from getting scammed by shady individuals.

The ones I looked at were all dealers, not individuals.

I just called two of the national line car parts stores locally here and they both quoted the same price, $259.99 vs the online auto part dealers who said around $46.00 (no tax or shipping) up to OEM @ $250.00 plus tax

I’m more comfortable buying from Rockauto, they have 16 different pumps listed, from about $66 to about $300.

Do the ebay sellers tell you the brand and model number? I wouldn’t buy from them if they didn’t.

There’s not a problem with buying a pump from eBay if it has a name brand attached to it such as Carter, Walbro or Airtex (same thing), etc.

I do know several people who bought no-name brand pumps from eBay with a 1 year or lifetime warranty and the pumps failed within 6 months. The warranty turns out to be more trouble than its’s worth as the car is down while the pump is shipped back to some 3rd world country (allegedly) to verify that it’s bad.

With a pump you’re better off buying local or as mentioned Rockauto, etc.