No after market parts? Worth fixing?

My truck, the 92 astro van has now been diagnosed with needing a spider fuel injector system and a fuel pump…

I am trying to see it I can find the parts on line and have a backyard mechanic put them in…I have been told by tyhe garage that gave their verdict that there are no after market parts for this…Is this true? And that a lot of chevy and GMC engines of those years have that problem. Does anyone have any experience of this? Actually hate to give up on the truck, have so many new parts in it and its been great for hauling things…

There were a lot of these sold, and I suspect there would be aftermarket spares somewhere.

If aftermarket spares really are not available, and if the rest of the vehicle is in good shape and you like the convenience of all that room, why not fix it with factory parts? Fixing an old vehicle in otherwise good condition is almost always less expessive than scrapping it and buying a new one.

Fuel pump is available. I counted five after market brands with varying warranties before I stopped counting at I suspect the answer from other parts stores is about the same.

The injectors, O-ring kits, etc are also available.

Depending on vehicle condition, the repair should be in the range of reasonable.

I would seek a second opinion from an independent garage. Am not sure I would trust this work to just any backyard mechanic.

Here’s some spider assemblies for your vehicle.


I had two estimates from different garages, they both gave it in the $530 for parts and $450 labor…Altogether about $900 excl. tx…
I am just hoping to find the parts myself and someone who ic mechanically inclined to do it. To pay 900-1000 in repairs for a 16 yr old car does not make sense. And yet I am not willing to dump it!

One of the mechanics said they would not know until opening the engine up. It could be the fuel pressure regulator also. If not, does anyone know which parts consists of the" spider injector system?
Thanks all a lot for the help.

To pay 900-1000 in repairs for a 16 yr old car does not make sense.
It does if the repairs are enough to keep it going for another couple of years. Twice, I put that much into a 20+ year old Mazda RX-7. It was still running when I gave it away at 24 years.

see tester’s link below. To me, $900 to avoid paying $20K or so for a new or used van is a no-brainer, if you can’t foresee many future repairs. As kendahl said, I have put much more money in other cars. You could double to the total cost of the repair due to unforeseen circumstances and still come out ahead.

I actually went ahead and bought another used car, a 99 Pathfinder.
Still want to fix the Astro, a good and strong car for transports but it is not my primary car anymore. if I can do the repairs for less I would do it.