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Caddy not quite stopped and put in park while moving forward

My wife pulled into the driveway and stopped. Then I noticed she was getting her purse so I pushed the button on the release of the automatic shift stick and put it in park but at that exact moment she let up on the brake to move forward a foot. That’s it.

What year? If it’s a newer one you did no harm for sure. If it’s an older one, you probably did no harm anyway since you weren’t moving fast.

It’s a 1995 Seville SLS Northstar

Very much doubt there was any damage done. I think almost everyone has done that at one time or another.

You’re fine.

Shift to park while on level pavement and attempt to push the car forward and back. Shift out of park, move ahead a foot and repeat. Do that a dozen times and if no suspicious noises are heard and park holds the car it is very likely all is well. When the car is moving fast enough to damage the ratchet and pawl mechanism it is usually obvious from the noise and the fact that the car continues to roll. However,I reserve the right to update my answer if/when transman gets here.

You probably didn’t hurt anything, but test it on a moderate hill to make sure that Park still holds the car.

It’s generally better if only the driver works the controls.

talk about hind sight is 20/20. LOL.

The car will probably be fine, but your wife may never forgive you. If it happens that you actually DID damage the parking pawl, then you’re in REAL hot water.

Oh, by the way, you realize this is similar to breaking a mirror. For the next seven years you’ll be blamed for everything that goes wrong on the car.