Car only clicks when I go to start it

I have a 1999 Kia Sportage and sometimes it starts right up. Sometimes it leaves me stranded and just clicks when I go to start it. Pep Boys ran it up on the computer and no codes came up.

Time for a new battery,.

Clean connections on battery,check ground and look under coating of battery hot wire for crud if battery checks out ok

I am surprised they did not test the battery and charging system while you were there. If that is the original battery, I would just change it. Even if it were the second battery I would likely change it.

Have the battery and it’s cables checked, but if they test uot okay there’s an excellent chance that you need a new starter assembly.

When you turn the key to “start”, a solenoid moves a lever that (a) slides the starter motor gear into engagement with the flywheel’s ring gear to engage the starter to the engine, and (b) engages contacts that complete the circuit to the motor windings. Those contacts can become fried over time from arcing. They’re part of the starter assembly. After 11 years of use, I’d say they’re probably fried and intermittant.

The click you hear is the solenoid moving the lever. But of the circuit to the motor is not completed due to fried contacts, nothing more happens.

How do you get it started? Does it start with jumper cables?

If it doesn’t start even with a jump, it could be your starter.