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Car Starter

My 1999 Toyota Corolla will not start. An attempt to jump start it sis not work. My husband thinks it’s the starter. It has a clicking sound when I turn the key. How does a car that needs a new starter sound?

Please be more specific. What happens when you try to start the car? What happened when you try to jump start the car?

Clicking can mean a bad battery, or a bad starter, or maybe just bad cable connections, but without more information it’s hard to tell.

Try jump starting it again. Only this time leave jumper cables connected and the donor vehicle idling for fifteen minutes, then try starting it. If it starts, it might be time for a new battery.


Thank you. We’ll try the battery again.

Thank you. That’s what we’re going to try.

My experience has shown that a clicking sound means a bad battery, but “Tester” is right; it can be other things, too. You also can try charging the battery if you have a battery charger. It will either charge up, which will solve your problem, or it won’t take a charge, which means it’s time for a new battery. Good luck. P.S. A place like Auto Zone will check your battery for free but of course you’ll have to remove the battery and take it there with another vehicle. They also can test your starter.

It very well may be the starter solenoid. Unfortunately the starter is located on the back side of the engine, and firewall, with the electrical connection facing toward the ground. This makes normal diagnoses difficult.

Eureka! You were right!

I will change the battery tomorrow, but we did get it to start! Thank you!