98 KIA Sportage Intermittent Starting

My daughter has a 98 KIA Sportage. It will intermittently not start. If you come back 10-20 mins or more later, it will start. I’ve changed out the spark plugs, that didn’t help. Any idea would be appreciated!

need a little more information. No offense against you my friend, but you need to give more exact detail about the wont start condition.

  1. is there a click but not cranking?
  2. is there no click and no cranking?
  3. is there cranking but not start?

Sorry, after I posted it and was reading other posts, I figured I wasn’t specific enough. The car cranks and cranks and cranks but it will not engage and start…does that make sense? It just did it again today, I went to pick her up so she could get from her appointment back to school, and when I got there, it started no problem.

When you say crank, do you mean the starter is causing the pistons to move? How about “will not engage.” Do you mean the starter motor is rotating, but it is not causing the flywheel to rotate?

The car does everything but start. It turns over, everything sounds like it is going to start but it never starts.

Ok then, so what you now need to do is determine if it is a fuel/air supply problem, or a spark supply problem. do you have any codes?
to check for spark, you can pull off the main lead and hold it next to the block and crank the starter. There should be a bright blue spark. That will only tell you if there is a spark not if it is properly timed. But if there is a spark, then you need to check to see if there is fuel supply. If there is both, then a compression check and a good look at the spark plugs might be in order.