"Car of the Year" Keeps Dying



I will providc more info if needed but stargin about 8 months ago our 1999 Chrysler 300 (a little over 60,00o miles) keeps dying and won’t restart. We are always moving at a slow speed or (once) while stopped. NO warning light. Three times a fuse (twice the same one) was replaced. Then the igniiton. And it died again Friday. Its now in the shop. The mechanic has fixed every other minor porblem without any problems and at a fair price. We can’t get a satisfactory diagnosis or cure. Any ideas.


something is intermittently shorting out blowing the fuse. A intermittent short can be very hard to find, you can only hope that it shorts out and stays shorted so it can be diagnosed easily, otherwise it becomes a visual inspection of the wiring. BTW what fuse keeps bowing?


I experianced my car dieing on me and blowing a fuse when the battery terminal had that acid buildup on the metal. I cleaned it up and the car started and no more blown fuses, though it seems something more complicated is going on. In fact in that same car I had a series of problems with fuses that all went back to the fuse box itself (it actually caught on fire). So it could be something cheap or not cheap I suppose.