Car not used in 2 years

I have a 1994 olds cerria that has been sitting in driveway for 2 years. It has 3 flat tires and a dead battery. I would like to know what I need to do to get it running again.(It was stolen, hence 3 slahed tires.)Besides the obivious of new tires and battery, what else would I need? Do I change the oil and all the fuilds? Get a tune up? Replace the gas? It was runnig fine before then. I am totaly at a loss when it comes to cars. Any and all advice would be greatly needed and appreicated. thanks, goldie b4u

Two years is not a big deal. I’ve started many cars after three to five years without any issues. With a good battery, or a good strong jump, it should start right up. I’d try that before buying tires, just in case the thief did something else just to mess it up before you got it back.

I’d put some fresh gas in it as well.

I agree with both of the above, but I would add that assuming you get it going, you should plan on catching up on missed maintenance. Remember that things like oil changes have time or miles between changes and you are likely now past time.