Starting car that was idle for two years

Our 1987 Subaru has been parked for two years without being started at all. What precautions do I take when jump starting it? Do I need any special solvent or fluid in the cylinder in case they are seized?

We generally recommend something like a tablespoon of engine oil in each cylinder (remove spark plug) then turn the engine over (don’t start it) a few times.

If the fuel was not treated prior to storage, it will be iffy. The battery is likely in need of replacement, but you can try charging it up.

Remember that some things on a car age even if the car is not run. That means tyres brake fluid, coolant etc. All those item listed as X Miles or Y Years fall into that group. Check oil water transmission and PS fluids and tyre pressure etc.

If that gets you going, you should be OK. Take it easy and if everything is still going well when you get new gas in it, you should be ready to go. Just keep an eye on things for a while, like tyre pressure