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Car not firing

my s10 has stopped firing. Anyone know why and how to fix it?

I suggest reloading the magazine with fresh ammunition. But seriously, you will need to give more information than that to get people to diagnose the problem.

I would first make sure power is getting to the ignition system. It would also help to know what the year of the vehicle is along with what engine is in it.

The engine is a 4.3 liter v6 from a monte carlo. The engine cranks but there is no spark going to the sparkplugs. It was running fine then one day It won’t hit a lick

All ready on the left… All ready on the right… With a magazine of…

Do you have something that you can check for power with like a meter or test probe? If not I suggest you get one. Check the fuses in the dash and under the hood to see if something is blown there. If you want to work on this yourself I suggest you get a service manual to help you solve the trouble.

Someone told me it’s the electronic ignition. Does anyone know if that could be it.

There certainly could be a problem with it. An electronic ignition system requires power to be supplied to it just like any other ignition system does. Lack of power is just one possible problem with the system. That is just the first step to help solve the trouble. If you don’t have a way to look at that you may want to let a shop handle this problem.