Humming Fuel Pump?

I just got a 1992 Tempo (V6 4d sedan 3.0)

The Mechanic I had look at it said that the humming noise , well its more like a whirring noise is the fuel pump. I asked him if thats normal, because you can hear it if you don’t have the fan or ac or radio on and are just idle.

Its rather noticeable, like a steady hum.

He said its probably just a weak pump that will eventually need to be replaced but as long as its making noise its ok. because it means its working.

a ford guy just said this:

Some fuel pumps can be noisy for a few different reasons. 1. If the fuel filter is plugged it can make the pump noisy. 2. If the fuel pump is in the tank incorrectly to were the pump can touch metal in the tank to make noise. 3. The fuel pump is giving you signs that it is about to fail and needs replacing.

Your Ford guy gave you good advice.

well its not the fuel filter, so it has 2 be the other 2, if it is a case of it hitting the metal, er how in the world do you fix that?