Car makes very quiet “weeerererere” noise when accelerating, not every time though

When I first start my car, and I’m only going about 10-15mph, the lightest tap on the accelerator, I hear a strange noise that goes on for as long as the car is accelerating (let’s say, up to 18 mph). As soon as I lift my foot off, it stops. It doesn’t happen every time and it’s so quiet that I can only ever hear it if I’m in a parking lot going very slowly. After about 5 times, it stops doing it altogether and my car “adjusts.” Any idea what it could be?

Maybe the serpentine belt is squeaking. I’ve had older belts squeak when cold or when it’s damp, then be silent after the car had warmed up a bit. I guess the belt softens a little after it warms up and makes a few rotations on the pulleys.

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