Car locks automatically after unlocking and not opening within a few seconds

Is there any way to disable the feature on my 2004 Camry, that if I click on the unlock button on the remote, if I don’t open the door within a few seconds, the door locks again. Can I stop that from happening?

Thank you

Look in your owners manual for that.

If you don’t have one, a pdf version can be downloaded for free from

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If I’m not mistaken, it only talks about this (see attached), but not what I’m trying to figure out. For that it just says the following:
You have 30 seconds to open a door after using the wireless remote unlock feature. If a door is not opened by then, all the doors will be automatically locked again and one beep will be heard.

I don’t see that in the page you posted. But I DID see that Mode 2 cancel the automatic functions. Are you IN Mode 2? And it still does this?

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Attached is that part.
I’m not currently in mode 2,

But I didn’t think it has what to do with it. I’ll try.
Thank you for your help

I’m in mode 2 and it still happens

Then it can’t be disabled.

What you might be experiencing are the early signs of a BCM starting to fail.


No that’s not the case. The manual says it happens automatically. I want to disable it.

The BCM is what controls how long the doors stay unlocked.


After unlocking the doors with the remote, open (and close) one of the doors, this is the only way I have found to cancel the auto relock feature.

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Oh you are explaining why it locks after 15 seconds as opposed to 30 seconds?
I wanted to turn off the feature entirely