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Car keeps stalling out help asap

i have a 97 intrepid with3.5 replaced fuel injector ran worse replaced fuel pressure reg ran little better wont stay running replaced fuel pump sound alot better runs longer but still dies replace air control val runs even better but rpms stay at 3500 for a min then dies down to 500 rpms then just dies anyone know whats wrong with this car ?

First, Let Me Say That Particular Chrysler 3.5L Is A Great Power Plant, One Of The Best, In My Opinion.

Next, let me ask, has the “Check Engine Light” come on and have you checked the car for any DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) ?


nope not on

There’s four primary inputs into the computer when the engine is started. These are the Coolant Temp Sensor into the computer, the Throttle Position Sensor into the computer, the Crankshaft Position Sensor into the computer, and the Mass Air Flow Sensor into the computer.

I would check the Coolant Temp Sensor into the computer.


New Fuel Filter, Too ? The Only Weak Link I’ve Heard Of In Those Engines Is An Upper Intake Manifold Gasket Leak, But That Usually Just Causes A Little Miss.

The fact that it ran better with a new fuel pump has me thinking fuel system.


fuel filter is being put it now but could really do that

nope not the fuel filter but ive been spraying the maps sensor and when i do it stays running for way longer

its fixed it was the maps darn cars but thanks for the help

Good To Hear, Denz !

I love those 3.5 V-6s, dual throttle bodies, DOHC, 24 valves, making one hp per cubic inch, smooth and strong running and very few problems. Mine didn’t use any oil at almost 300,000 miles.

Except, too bad it’s got a timing belt. I’m all done buying cars with timing belts. It took me almost two days to wrestle one in there out in my driveway. I guess part of the deal was that I decided to put on a front seal and water pump, too. I bought a special tool or two and made a couple.

Denz, how old’s your timing belt ?