1995 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.5 (starting problems)

This car will start and run for about 3-5 seconds then dies. While it is running the tach, fuel and all other gages do not indicate operation. When the key is placed to run the heater/AC blower fan goes to fast and can not be shut off with the off button. Also when the door is opened with the key in the switch the door chime does not ding as it did before. Checked the fuel pump, fuel pressure, fuel filter, all fuses, and relays and all good, can anyone help. Thanks Jess

The blower may be on due to shorted speed control unit. The unit replaces the normal resistors used to control the speed and can short the input power to the blower.

There may be a signal needed from the tach to keep the engine from shutting down. Try checking for power to those gauges and see if that is the problem.