Car is Stalling 20 min after overfilling

I went to fill up today. I had to wait 3 hours, in the rain, to get gas at 3.69 with everyone freaking out about Ike. Thing is, I began filling up in the middle of a downpour. Also, the mechanisim that makes the pump cutoff gas flow failed to activate at all. My car overfilled by a LOT. I couldnt even put the gas cap in without having gas splash out. It took about 20-30 min to fill up 11 gallons of gas due to slow pumps with everyone pumping at the same time…

On the way home, my car stalled about 20 minutes after driving along the freeway. I had just gotten off the freeway when this happened. I got it going again and it stalled again about half a mile more. I caught it sputtering the third time and eased up on the gas and it continued ok…

Whats causing this? The car is a brand new 08 Kia Spectra with absolutely NO history of problems. I only have 8k miles on it so far. Could it have been water? Could overfilling have damaged my car? What should I ask a repairman to look for? Im a woman and I know im going to get taken advantage of on things I dont understand. This is one of the car things I dont understand and I dont wanna get taken advantage of. As it stands, Im going to have to miss time from work to get it looked at. :frowning:

It might have been the water, but I doubt it, it takes a lot. You say it took 20-30 minutes to fill up. I don’t know of any situation that would have caused that other than a problem with your car. Were you trying to get out of town due to IKE? If it is water, or even if you are not sure, consider getting a can or two of stuff from the store designed for this. Don’t be surprised if it runs a little ragged for a while while the water runs through. (like a tank full or two)

It could be from overfilling IF it has screwed up the venting, you may want to remove the gas cap (when it is not raining). and leave it a little loose and see what happens.

The fillup time taking so long isnt a problem with my car. Every single pump was being used. The gas station said that because every pump was going, they were all going so slow. People were freaking out about the prices jumping up so high and scared of gas shortages.

I’ll try some of the water stuff. I really doubt that to be the true problem. I just dont see even half a cup of water having gotten in. I loosened the gas cap last night, and told my boyfriend to do the same after he got to work and when he got home. The car didnt stall on him, but he only drives a very short distance.