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Car jerking after filling up gas? Feels like wheel wants to fall off

2004 Kia amanti. How come I just went and got gas, after I took off my car started jerking? Like as soon as I took a turn at low speed my car stuttered and not even as I’m shifting… I can feel it in the floorboard and it almost sounds like it’s coming from the right tire?

Things to note: it’s wet out . I literally just got gas and took off. I have worn motor mounts. I also might’ve only turned my gas cap to 2 clicks. Could that be it?

I’m scared to see if it returns tomorrow…

Here’s two possibilities.

  • Might have gotten some water contaminated gas.

  • The evap system gets involved during the filling process to make sure the gas fumes in the tank are directed into the canister as tank fills up w/liquid gasoline. It does this to prevent gas fumes from being forced into the engine. If that process fails gas fumes will be forced into the engine as you fill the tank, and this will make it difficult to start and/or run poorly after the fill-up.

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Do you mind me asking what I should do to make both of those option non existent and have my car running normally again? I hope when I just started it up again tomorrow it won’t happen…

If it’s the 2nd thing @George_San_Jose1 mentioned, it should clear itself up after 10-15 miles (at most).

And if it does, refrain from filling tank to completely topped off. When gas pump handle clicks the first time near full, stop adding fuel. Do not round up to nearest dollar.

Alright. I only filled half the tank. But I did click the pump one extra time to round up to $15. Could that have done it?
I also have some STP gas treatment maybe I should use that

The reason for these instructions are to avoid filling the tank too full. Most or all later models have this corrected, but when you over filled the tank, gasoline would make it up to the charcoal canister. It is designed to capture fumes only. It’s okay to fill your tank, just don’t keep putting gas in it after the nozzle clicks the first time near full. We are curious, did the problem disappear?

I mentioned that I only filled HALF way. I plan on starting the car in a bit and will return here shortly

I may be out of line here but it won’t be the first time . I suggest before trying to answer this problem look at all the other threads this person has about this Amanti and all of its problems.

I think the vehicle should be taken to a qualified shop and find out what really needs to be done.

Volvo, I’m on my 2nd 2004 Kia amanti. I recently purchased a new one

I went back and checked the prior threads and I am inclined to agree with @VOLVO_V70 The concern is OPs aptitude on understanding mechanics. Not everybody is mechanically inclined. That’s why auto repair shops are in existence. If the problem doesn’t disappear on its own on the way to the repair shop, I think you should let them take a look at it.

Now how was anyone supposed to know that .

Your problem description is not accurate enough for anyone here to make any kind of diagnostic theory about what is going on.

How bout you give us an update on whether the same issue is still present the next day and after you tighten your fuel cap, start and warm the engine and eventually go for a drive. Pay attention to how the engine sounds and runs before taking off as the issue may be present without moving.

We could provide much better information in this way.

Update: Drove 25 miles and it didn’t do it today :man_shrugging:

Idk what much More info you guys wanted. A jerking motion at low speeds directly after a gas fill up sounds efficient enough

No one said you had to lmao!

If your car continues to perform well for the rest of the tank, no need to do anything. If the problem occurs again immediately after the next fill-up, let us know . That would pretty much eliminate bad gas from the mix, and confirm an evap system malfunction. Diagnosing evap malfunctions is usually best left to a pro mechanic. But sometimes you can get lucky by replacing parts. Until more is known, not much more to say beyond speculation. At least your car is running better, that’s something. Good for you.

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Sounds good I’ll be sure to return if it happens next time thanks