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Car in shop for 6 weeks, no end in sight

Good afternoon

aughter bought 2005 Lincoln LS in March with a warranty. Per Dealer and Our research, one owner always with dealer maintanance. Five weeks ago, engine shut down, something with the coooling part, went back to dealer, they ordered the part and gave her a rental. Part is not available, she is still paying on the car loan, and the rental they gave her eats gas. The dealer has no idea when the part will arrive. Any recourse at this point? She is not drving the rental too expensive to run and she still has to make a car payment.

I think Ford should pay for her loan, we want to bring the rental back and tell them to pay for the loan. Any advise you can give will ge greatly appreciated.

Some questions to pursue:

  1. is an aftermarket part available that the dealer can purchase?
  2. You should be able to get a more economical car rental with a little negotiation with the dealer. Talk to them.
  3. Paying the car payment by Ford or the dealer is pretty much a no-go.

I would think that the dealer should also be able to provide you with a due-in status on the part.

I would work on free car rental (compact or subcompact) or aftermarket part use instead.

What do you mean by eats gas. The LS requires 91+ gas and only gets about 20 MPG (mixed driving). There aren’t too many cars they could have rented for her that cost more to run.

"1. is an aftermarket part available that the dealer can purchase? "
Are you kidding? There are few aftermarket parts for the LS.

You can ask for a downgrade in rental. Lincoln LS is no MPG queen so not sure what they gave her. It may just be perception.

Switching rental and getting free car is not so bad. Remember there is cost/mile to own your car and her 05 is getting no wear/tear sitting in the shop. I know friends(in sales) who rent cars to travel certain distances as it is less cost/mile than using their own vehicle. They collect a higher reimbursement rate from company than what rental + fuel costs and no wear on their car and pocketing the difference.

I concur a hassle but Ford is really going out of their way if rental is free.

Good reason to not buy one…

Have you asked for a different rental with better mileage?

CAR LOAN and REPAIRS are two different things.

Do NOT stop making your payments, car will get repossessed and you credit rating will take a horrible hit. Neither of those entities will be the slightest concerned about the repairs and you may never get your credit rating back where it is.

Warranty is paying the rental.

Just sit tight, the back orders are being proccessed asap. Ask dealer to read you the release date showing for your part so at least you’ll know that.
If it’s not already, have them upgrade the back order to ‘E’ status.

Thanks for your input, I cant drive an economy car to small for me not sure about the aftermarket part, will have to call and find out

Its the rental that uses too much gas

Yes, but they are really good to drive.

Yes, and my question is what rental car gets less than 20 MPG?

You are making a car payment because you didn’t want to pay for it all at once. there is no reason to even dream that Ford should make your payment for you. None. You’re fortunate that a rental is being provided at all, and the difference in gas between what you own and what the rental gets should be minimal. Once you factor in the expenses you are not incurring by not driving your Lincoln (wear and tear on tires, oil change,etc.) you are probably coming out ahead.

“The base LS was powered by an all-aluminum 3.0 L DOHC V6 that was a variant of the Ford Duratec 30 engine. Optional in the LS was an all-aluminum 3.9 L DOHC V8, a de-bored variant of the Jaguar 4.0 L AJ-26 V8. Both engines required premium-grade gasoline for optimum performance.”

They only made them for 5 years, production stopped in 2006…They used low production engines that have now been discontinued. You may have to scare up a USED part to get your car back on the road if OEM new parts are no longer available.

I have two LSes, OEM parts are still available. It would be a very bad idea to get a cooling system part from the junkyard. Nearly all of the cooling system parts are plastic, and it seems that they all crack after enough hot/cold cycles.
(So far, no problems with my 2006, but I’ve replaced several of the plastic parts in the cooling system of the 2004.)

Junkyard parts are better than no parts…We don’t know what engine they are talking about…

Did the engine simply, and without warning shut down? Or was there overheating of the engine prier to the engine shutting down? That “something with the cooling part” got me wondering.

What is the part number they’re needing ?
Did they do a dealer search ?
( I probably won’t have LS parts out here in pickup country, but I can look. )

I would like to thank all of you folks out there who took the time to reply. I really do appreciate the very informative comments. It took 3.5 months, but the car is back from the shop!

Glad to hear.
In an odd twist of fate, my own truck took a crap on march 8th…plugged converter.
I am a parts gut at this ford dealer and still my part took 5 weeks to get here. Recieved 4/16 and truck back on the road yesterday.

After the economy took out many smaller sub-manufactures the few that are left ( all automotive brands ) got overwhelmed and here we are walking or biking aiting for car parts.