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Car in shop for 6 weeks, no end in sight

You all need to find better Ford dealerships for parts? 6 weeks? 5 weeks for a plugged cat?

The dealer I use all the time has never taken more than 3 days to get parts in on special orders. If I ask them to rush, they’ve never failed to get them to me within 24 hours.

The problem was some part in the engine for cooling,the dealer did the best they could, it was Ford that took forever and sent two parts that were not usable and had the dealer had to send them back. So much for buying a car that they dont make anymore, learned my lesson.

It’s not the dealer, it’s the sublet manufacturer.
Ford has a great system of regional warehouses from which I get a truck daily except sunday and monday. All ordered parts, even those ‘snail’ orders with no extra freight charge, get here by three the following day. Parts not in my Denver warehouse get here the following day from Detroit or Memphis.

But parts not in any of the regional warehouses are another story and this is industy wide , not just Ford. The exact same semi that drops my parts drives down two blocks to deliver to the GM dealer then south a couple miles to the Chevy dealer…every day.

Slow moving and rare parts have a different life still. The sub manufacturer may run their assembly line tooled up for different parts at different times. Add to that the need to wait for sufficient quantities ordered and if your customer’s need stumbles onto the ebb cycle of the factory…zzzzzzzzzz, we wait.

The fact that a part may take weeks, months, or near forever does not make it a bad car, does not make it a bad dealer, and does not make it bad car maker.
At times certain parts run in short supply and may wind up backordered. The dealer has no control over this and if someone wants to bash Ford over this then you better start bashing every other car maker for the same thing. It happens with all of them.

And what is this bashing the LS as being a gas guzzler? They’ll get in the upper teens at least in city driving and 27-28 on the open road at highway speeds with the A/C on.
My son and daughter in law had an '01 LS and even with their lead feet that car would always get that kind of fuel mileage. I think it’s pretty respectable MPG for a fairly heavy 4 door luxury sedan.

As to any recourse (moot point now) you have none. There is no way on Earth that anyone is going to make the payment on any car for a reason like this.
Failure to make payments will simply mean you would discover the car missing from home, work, or from the mall after the repo guys have snagged it.