Car hic-coughs

Why does my car sometimes hic-cough every now and then, even at 60 mph? It happens every few days or weeks (no set pattern), and it hesitates, the tachometer drops for a second, and then it continues on. I am afraid to drive it very far, because I think it is going to stall out.

Tell us about your car…it’s age, make, model, engine size, 4 cylinder, or six, mileage. What routine maintenance has been done on the car within the past couple of years? Does the check engine light flash, sometime, when you drive? Does it stay on? Have you had an auto parts store scan the check engine light? What trouble codes did they say it has, if you did?

Dirty battery terminals caused that on a 90 escort. An 85 escort had a broken wire on the ignition pickup. A 73 cad… Stop me when I get to your car.