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What causes hiccupps or hesitation?

hesitation while driving mostly in city traffic

This isn’t a search data base. Its a discussion board. The only things that receive this information are other human beings. As such, what you typed won’t get you very far.

The basic answer to “What causes hiccupps or hesitation?” is lots of different things.

could be one of about a zillion things. First get a new air filter, new spark plugs, and new ignition parts as appropriate you Taurus. Old ones might need plug wires, distributor cap, and rotor for instance.

Is all of your scheduled maintenance up to date? Is the check-engine light on? Under what conditions does this usually happen? Are you accelerating hard or just keeping a steady speed? Does it happen when the engine is cold, warm, or both?

I found that a new set of spark plugs eliminated the lurching had hesitations. I would be driving at 45 50 mph and the car would “quickly” slow down then speed back up. When I pulled the plugs they were BLACK and BURNT from 100K+ mile use. After replacing the spark plugs… all good.

A baby that wasn’t burped.

Oh wait, I forgot the bold text! Silly me. :slight_smile: