2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE - Dim headlights

headlights too dim my lexus were much brighter

Bulbs dim over time. Were they brighter when you bought the car six years ago?
Change the bulbs.

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Do you have the headlights on? Of just the daytime running lights (DRL)? (they are dimmer)

When it is dark, before you drive off, check to see that your tail lights are on. If they aren’t, only your DRLs are on NOT your headlights. Look in your owners manual to find out how to turn them on or set them to automatic.

Put your vehicle in your search engine and then enter “dim headlights”

And you can read all the complaints from people that own the same vehicle.


So trade it in on a Lexus.


Yup, already three years past its best in traded in by date,

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Is the headlight plastic still clear? If not, there are polishing kits that can make it clear again.

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Two days, highly suspect Ron22 was another flyby poster.

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You might think posters are not reading the replies however, they don’t need to log in to read your snippets, each reply is sent in an email.

… if they have opted for that. I don’t want that many emails, so I opted out of that arrangement many years ago.

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An email address is required at Car Complaints, if you “opt out”, you can’t leave a comment.