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Car for Lab

On a recent show a woman wanted advice on replacing her old car for a car which would accommodate her chocolate lab puppy. Why didn’t you suggest a Honda Fit? With the back seats forward and down, you have a mini-station wagon - I’ve carried a shepherd mix and four chocolate labs in my Fit! Granted, the windows were slobbered over, but the space back there is great!

Another advantage of the Fit is the flip-UP rear seat bottom, for when the lab gets old and can just walk in through the rear door and lie down…

One possibility as to why they did not suggest a Honda Fit is that the “recent show” may have actually been recorded before the Honda Fit was even marketed in the US.

In case you are not aware of it, the Magliozzi Brothers have been “recycling” old segments for at least a couple of years, and mixing this old content in with new content. But, now that the last “new” broadcast took place a couple of months ago, all of the content is…old.

Because they were on the air for so many years, there is a huge stockpile of content that can be repeated. The only clue as to how old a segment might be is when you hear questions like…Why am I having a problem getting warranty service for my 1985 Chevy Celebrity?

Incidentally, if you hear them recommending “the new models from AMC”, you can be sure that the program is one that is recycled from long ago.


Laura called because she needed a car that would be able to hold her Chocolate Lab Lilly in an area that would be safe and not mess up her seats. She also noted that she loved her Camry and would like something comprable in style and riding comfort. The obvious answer is the Toyota Venza. It’s style is essentially a Camry wagon. We are on our second Camry and also own a Venza and a Yellow Lab! Dog can ride comfortably in the way back. Both her and her shedding fur stay back there!