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Need car ideas


I need an idea or two for a new (or used) car. I’m selling my 2010 Honda CRV to my daughter.
Here are the requirements:

  • I need to be able to put my wet 90-lb lab in the wayback after a swim
  • I’m conscious about the environment (and my pocketbook) so I want something with good gas mileage. Hybrid would be great.
  • I’m going to be 60 years old this year and it needs to be FUN! Everyone in my town has a Honda CRV. Boring! I want something that I can be emotionally connected to.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I would look at a Mazda 5 SUV; fun to drive, lots of room for the dog with the backseat down, and quite affordable and reliable!

@Docnick - the CX-5, right? That would be at the top of my list, too. Especially given the FUN requirement.

Given your requirements I’d also agree with the Mazda CX5. There are plenty of other SUVs that are as fun or more fun than the CX5, but when you start to look at fuel economy, they tend to leave the table.

Theres also the Subaru XV Crosstek - This gets good fuel economy standard, but they also make a Hybrid version.

Look at the 2015 Honda Fit base model; 41 mpg highway.

@insightful‌ I don’t think the Honda Fit is optimal for transporting a wet 90-lb dog.

Actually, the Fit, with its flip up rear seat, is a good dog carrier. We thought of getting one, easy walk in/walk out for our old dog at the time.

Yes, but he mentioned putting the “wet” dog in the “wayback” which leads me to believe he wants a clear division between back and front. If you flip the seats in the Fit, that just opens the whole thing up right? I see that wet dog walking up and sitting in the passengers seat.

@texases Yes, the CX-5; I temporarily forgot the exact description. Most SUVs are not fun to drive and most sedans can’t handle a large dog.

If fuel economy is a priority, I would say a Mazda3-Sport Hatchback with the 2 liter direct injection engine (Sky-active). The rear seats fold flat and the dog will have enough room.

Hmmm fun, great gas mileage, environmentally conscious, affordable and spacious. You and everyone else in America wants this. A really tall order! While no car is going to fit this all perfectly, Id agree with the mazda and subaru suggestions. I mean personally, any car is fun in its own way. If you really want to excel at those things, get two cars. One daily driver, cheap on gas type car, and something old and fun for the weekends. Doesnt have to be expensive. I realize thats not an option for many, but if you really want to suit those needs the best, only two different vehicles will do that in my opinion. If only one will do, Maybe a small 4 cylinder truck like an s10 or ranger? My dog loves riding in my f150.

I drove a KIA SOUL 2014 and while it is not sport car material it was nice and had plenty of room. If you have not done so use the build your own feature almost all vehicle manufactures have. You can see what the sticker price would be, option packages and 360 degree views in and out. Also some of them will let you know the location of a vehicle close to what you built.

I think there are quite a few options out there that fit the bill. I’d suggest picking up a Consumer Reports New Car Buyers’ Guide at the local bookstore, perusing the choices, and going for some test drives.

I’ve driven a Kia Soul twice now (while on vacations). The first time they told me it was what they had for me, I tried to get the rental company to swap to something I thought I’d like better, but they told me I’d would like it and they were right. The next time I was renting and it was an option it was my first pick. There’s a lot of fun, space, thought and gizmos with a small footprint and good mileage.

@HollyM1955‌, how much do you want to spend? Given the age of the CRV, I imagine you want a new car. A BMW X3 is a sweet ride, but it is expensive to buy and expensive to own. Help us narrow it down a bit.

The Prius van-thing or Ford C-maxx for dog hauling and MPG and a Miata for fun.

The Prius V might work,so would the Ford C-max. You’d want one of those barriers to keep the dog from the front seats.

The Fit has a very low cargo floor with the seat folded, so the Dog might be right behind the driver, but lower. It is no replacement for an SUV as a dog carrier, but it would be the best small hatch for the job. That said, the CX-5 would be excellent. It’s not fast, but car magazines praise its sharp handling. The Kia Soul would definitely make my list. It has a big, boxy cargo area that would be good for a big dog. It also treats human passengers well, front and rear. Another frugal model is the Scion xB, similarly comfy for both people and stuff. It doesn’t sell well, so if you like it push hard on the price. The just discontinued Toyota Matrix is a very good choice. They even made the cargo area of ribbed plastic, easy to clean. Mechanically it’s close to a Corolla and very solid. There are any number of other small crossovers, but the Mazda CX-5, the CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 are three of the best and the Mazda seems to most effectively combine sporty handling, great fuel economy, and nice styling. It’s also likely to be fairly reliable, like other recent Mazdas.

One other worth a look is the just out 2014 Nissan Rogue. Previous Rogues have been homely and cheap-feeling, but this new one is completely different, pleasant to look at inside and out and reputedly decent to drive. Reliability is hard to guess. Nissan is often a step behind the better Asian makes, but they have made some very good cars, too. Worth a look if none of the others please you.

Does Nissan offer anything besides CVT transmissions anymore? never had any reliability issues with Nissan and have owned several,but it seems these CVTs havent quite caught up yet-Kevin

Does Nissan offer anything besides CVT transmissions anymore?

I know their X-Terra doesn’t have a CVT transmission. The new Pathfinder does…and that is probably the ONLY reason I didn’t buy it.

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your feedback!
What about SUVs from Volkswagon?