Car for my dogs

I have a 9 year old 90 pound Lab mix, and have recently adopted 2 Lab Golden mix puppies (now 7 months old). Given my laissez faire attitude, I find it easier to take my three dogs to uninhabited trails rather than walk them in the neighborhood. They can’t fit into my car (2004 BMW convertible) and my son is coming home to reclaim his RAV 4.

I wanted to buy an old Oldsmobile station wagon, put was told that would not be prudent. So I am looking to purchase a reliable older small SUV or hatchback. I would like to spend less than $10,000 for a car with <75,000 miles. ANY SUGGESTIONS ON MAKES AND MODELS? I live in the Washington, DC area.

Rav4 crv crv has more room in the back.
These 2 are the best small suvs EVER

I think a big old American station wagon would be perfect for hauling three dogs.

Yeah, I don’t know what would be wrong with a Roadmaster station wagon. The Caprice wagon of the early '90s was built on the same chassis. I love those cars.

You already know that you like Bimmers. What about a 2002-2003 525i Sport Wagon? If you want a hatchback, look at a used Vibe or Matrix. A 2005 of either car will be around $10,000.

I take it this vehicle won’t be driven very often, or will it?

Given the age of the older dog, it might be good to find something that is lower to the ground for him to get into. Mazda 5 should give you this, plus enough room for all 3 at once and them to have some extra space.

The Mazda 5 is an excellent suggestion, IMHO.

A dirt cheap hatch is a used PT Cruiser or Chevy HHR. If you can get by the looks you can do quite well with a low miles vehicle and pocket the change (lots of) for the potential for the occasional repair.

Is this car going to be use pretty much for hauling the dogs alone? If so, consider a Crown Victoria or Grad Marquis. Police K9 units take out the back seats and there is some nifty equipment you can get to protect the dogs in the event that you have to leave them in the car.

Dear Susan,

Check out There are car reviews based on dog-owner’s perspective. I have a Honda CR-V for 2 malamutes, and am pretty happy with it. I just wish it had better AWD for when we drive on snow-covered dirt trails.

Who would have thought there was a separate website for people who drive their dogs around.

Thanks so much.

I was gonna suggest a minivan, but he only said SUV or hatchback