Car Exhaust smoke

I have recently bought a 2006 Audi TT, I started it up this morning let it sit for about 5 minutes then gave it some revs (not driving just stationary) I noticed quite a bit of smoke coming from the exhaust and I know it’s not thick but there was a lot of it and I’m just wondering if everything seems alright from the videos i have attached. I have only driven it to park and apparently when I was in reverse gear parking there was an excessive amount of smoke coming out although it was not Thick white I’m just wondering if its still all good. The smoke seems to come out more when I rev.

Thank you.

Looks to me its just condensation build-up inside the engine.Happens to all cars when engine is cold and first started in the morning.

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The entire exhaust system acts as a condenser when it’s cold. For every gallon of gas burned, you get one gallon of water. So, every car “smokes” when first starting up.

My distant relatives in the hills of Kentucky have no problem understanding how a condenser works!


Looks fine to me, especially if there’s a little chill in the air. Really cool that you posted the vids though - makes it a lot easier to diagnose. One thing to be aware of, the way you posted them gives your full name away. If you’re uncomfortable with that, upload them to youtube under an account that doesn’t carry your name.