Smoke when starting Audi A4

I started my 07 A4 after it was parked about 4 hours. Immediately got huge amounts of thick grey smoke from the exhaust. It lasted about 30 seconds, then cleared. Since then, I’ve started the car several times (including after parked for several hours) with no smoke upon starting, or while driving. Any ideas about what might be going on?


What engine and how many miles?

Could be condensation or something more serious

It’s a 2007 with the 2.0 turbo

About 76000 miles

What city? Denver? Miami? Temps change? Rain? Dry and sunny?

These engines have a couple of issues… the crankcase evac systems are a bit weak and allow exhaust gas recirculation with oil mist to go into the intake. That can cause carbon to build up on the intake valves. You may have had a bit of excess moisture and egr products that got ingested when you started the car after sitting 4 hours. Keep an eye on the oil levels and while you are in there, the coolant level. If it doesn’t happen again, don’t worry. But keep an eye on oil levels as these engines tend to use more oil as they age.

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Even more than the “normal” 600 miles per qt when they are new?

Maine – dry and sunny when parked. Temp in mid 50s