Car engine choke while driving

Chevrolet optra 2009 engine choke for a seconds and then relieve (like the engine is going to turn off) while driving, we tried a lot of solutions but nothing fixed it, we tried changing the electric gas pump and it didn’t fix it, we did a computer check and the results was ok, no problems.
Same thing happened to me before with other cars and it stopped happening after a while without doing anything, but with this car it won’t stop doing it.
Note: it may be a simple problem, but there is no professional mechanics in my country, thats why am asking for help here!
Sorry for bad English.

First, your English is better than some questions originating from American posters.

This is just a guess, throttle position sensor might be failing.

I am not a mechanic, hopefully the more knowledgeable people on this forum will respond.


Throttle position sensor is a good thing to check. Also consider an idle air control valve/sensor, a vacuum leak or a PCV valve if you have a smog system.

Where is this country that does not have professional mechanics ?

I just answered my question by looking at previous posts by this person . They are in Libya and they bought a used vehicle imported from Korea . But I still have trouble with the part about no professional mechanics.

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