My cat wont stay runing

I have a 2001 chevrolet cavalier. It has been having problems running. it will start fine but when you go to drive it it’s like it’s not getting gas. but the engine will still be runing. something ot well turn off. if i set for a sec and then drive it again. it will go about 200 ft then die again. when it stops and wont go but the engine is still runing and you push the gas it does nothing it dont rev up or anything. i have replaced the crankshaft sensor and o2 sensor also replaced the fuel filter. and still no change.

I ment CAR

Car, cat, same difference, but happy that you cleared it up before you got plagued with questions. Disconnect the battery for a minute and reconnect it. If the problem doesn’t go away for a day or two, try it again. If it clears up the problem for a while, your computer may be wiped out and you can change it and drive on. You aren’t getting any service engine lights coming on, are you? If they are on steady, you’ll have codes to get. If not, you are stuck with guesswork and can guess computer. The prom chip is under a small cover in your computer if things are still the same from the eighties and is easily removed and put into the new computer. It isn’t too hard to change the computer usually.

My cat does that too. He runs around the house for about five minutes and then looks for a nice warm place to nap. It is the nature of the beast.

Look at the throttle to ensure that it is moving when you press the gas pedal. If the throttle moves, check the idle air control valve (iac), ohms and volts. Check the fuel pressure. Have you changed the air filter? Check the exhaust pipe output (exhaust). At idle, and above, does the exhaust seem to be normal. Compare to a healthy car.

Thought you were talking about a Cougar. Or Puma. Any other CAT car names I’ve missed? The engine doesn’t stall, but won’t rev up? It will “drive” for 200 feet then stop, but the engine is still running, just won’t rev up? Does this car have a throttle cable? Sounds to me like the car is running on idle and when you go so far, the car stops but doesn’t stall . . like a small incline? I’d check to see if the throttle cable was broken/binding/junked up with leaves or dead mice or something. Rocketman

Maybe the throttle position censor.

Air flow meter failure has these symptoms. I suggest you take it to a shop that can test the components before you spend a lot of money replacing good parts, or at least get a reading off the computer.

thank you all for your info.