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Car/Dust Covers

Which car/dust covers work the best for indoor storage? I have an older SLK.

For indoor storage? Any car cover that allows air to pass thru will be fine. If it were outdoor storage, because of the wind, a well fitting car cover with a material that doesn’t chaffe the paint would be required. But since you don’t have to worry about that, a less expensive car cover can be used.


If all you are worried about is dust inside a garage, you can buy the cheapest car cover Walmart has to offer that will fit your Benz. They are all made of breathable materials. When you consider that the dust on the car body will blow away in the first five minutes of driving, I am not sure it is even worth it. With the protection offered by the garage, I think a car cover would be overkill.

I have an expensive, custom-fitted car cover for my car. I used it in my garage for two winters, then gave up on it. Dust seems to go right through the cover, and it didn’t keep the car any cleaner than when I covered it with old bed sheets, or didn’t cover it at all. For indoor storage just about anything will work. Or not work. I don’t cover my car anymore. I just wash the dust off in the spring.

If it is inside, I would just use some old bed sheets.

Car covers are for visual effect only. None of them serve a useful purpose.

I have several car covers and use them indoors just for protection from nicking and scratching the car as I work in and move stuff around the garage. If you can be careful, a cover indoors isn’t that useful.

Outdoors I find the covers are great at certain times of year, spring and fall. Where I live (North East PA, and North Jersey) we get all kinds of gunk and pollen in the spring. In the fall it is leaves and more gunk. The cover keeps all the debris from getting in the the vents and ductwork under the windshield and other nooks and crannies.

I have used covers over the in winter, but found they water froze the cover to the cars finish. That meant I couldn’t uncover and use the car, so once parked for the core winter months, the car was committed to sitting it out. Fortunately once the water thawed there was no damage to the car’s paint. Once all the leaves are down for the season then I won’t use the cover in the winter, just get a good coat of wax on the car instead.