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Car dont go pass 45m a7 dont accelerate

i stared my jeep today and when i was driving it wont go pass 45m and doesnt wanna accelerated

I’m not touching this.

Stare harder! Eventually, it will blink.


No offense, but you may get better results if you have somebody more fluent in English post your question. They should also be familiar with the problem you are having with your Liberty, so they can type an accurate description of the problem.

Yes, I must apologize.

We need more information. Like mark9207 said, see if someone can assist you. I don’t want to offend…I just really tried to figure this all out and haven’t been quite able to. Maybe I’m missing something.

Year, engine, miles, maintenance history, as much accuracy and detail as to the current problem as you can get in, anything you’ve done to try and fix it.