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'04 Jeep Liberty acceleration problems

Got my plugs, fuel and air filter replaced but I still have hesitation problems when accelerating around 45-60 range. plus my A/C fan only works on the highest level now.

What could be my problem?

Well, the A/C fan is an easy one; the blower motor resistor likely needs to be replaced. I’m assuming the fan only operates at the highest speed whether or not the A/C is actually operating, correct?

As for the hesitation, were the plug wires replaced at the same time as the plugs?

Yes on the A/C, even if I switch it to just the fan without A/C or defrost it is only on at the max speed.

No on the plugs, sorry I don’t know too much about cars and did not know or was informed that the wires needed replacing, I am thinking that I will go somewhere else to get that done.