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Broken plastic piece


Someone decided it was cool to put a concrete parking thing in front of my car at work (just an open parking lot) and I drove forward and pushed it a little. I think I just broke the plastic (I didn’t floor it, just drove normal) anyway now it makes a noise when I make left turns (right passenger wheel). Hopefully I just broke the plastic and it’s rubbing. Getting my breaks worked on Monday anyway, but while I’m worrying… is there anything else I could have done? It drove home fine.

It’s an 02 Chevy Malibu. I got out and checked it and all I could see was some broken plastic (I got off work at 10pm n all I had was a phone light).


the pushing may have caused damage to the drive axle which can make noise. So it might be more than plastic.

When I turn it does feel like the wheel is hitting something (left).

It’s Impossible To Say Without Seeing It.

You’ll have to crawl around and see if you see anything that has broken and is rubbing.

“…but while I’m worrying… is there anything else I could have done?”
Watch where you’re going? I’d bet from now on you’ll look around your car before driving.

I did around 230 am. I moved the wheel back and forth and I do see the broken pieces, but it’s only the sharp turns and I couldn’t turn it far enough parked. I’ve got an appointment tomorrow anyway to replace the breaks… just kinda curious what my options are so I can look at them financially because all the shops are closed.

If you replace the breaks then everything should be fixed. If you replace the brakes you can stop better.

It’s impossible to tell what your options are without looking it over. Heck, we don’t even have photographs to look at!

Invest in a “backup” camera only put it on the front. LOL sorry couldn’t resist.

Would that be a “frontup” camera? Or a “backfront” camera?

When you have the brakes replaced, they’ll usually put the car on a lift. So that’s a good time to ask the brake mechanic to take a look to see what it is that’s rubbing on the tire. It’ll probably be obvious. On most econo-box cars there’s a plastic under-engine shield who’s purpose is to protect the engine from rocks being kicked up by the tires, and to direct airflow. I expect that gadget is what got damaged. As far as how much it would cost to replace it, not sure. But it doesn’t seem like it would cost much. In the $250 range I’d guess. And a repair might be possible too, which would cost even less. As posted above, the only way to know for sure is a good mechanic’s inspection.

So my brother in law came to look at it. It’s the power steering… a pulley is not where it’s supposed to be. Bad bearing or something.

Thanks for the input yall :slight_smile:

Glad you and your BIL got the problem resolved, best of luck OP.