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Car cutting off while driveing down the road

can you think of anything that could be causeing this

Yup. If you give more detail so will I.

My car just started cutting off while driveing its not makeing any nosies before cutting off its not stalling out if just cut off as if a relay is cutting it off to prevent other problems

My car

Let’s start there. What car? (Make, Model, Year, total miles, history)? Any prior problems? How long have you had the car? What is the middle name of your third child? Is the CEL on? Has it been on? How much fuel in the tank? How logo has it been doing this? Any weather connection to the problem?

“its not stalling out if just cut off” I am not sure I understand the difference. Could you explain a little better?

Is that a gasoline or diesel NB?   If diesel, you might want to check out the anti-shudder valve, if gasoline, maybe battery cables need cleaning or any of a hundred other things.