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My Car Keeps Dying :(

I have a 1998 Volkswagen GL. The car runs for 15-18 minutes at a time very smoothly and then it is like someone takes the key out of the ignition. It just dies for about 10-20 minutes then it will start back up again. I have used the diagnostic on my car and gotten rid of all codes, but one. The one code that I cannot get rid of is 1426. I also cannot find out what that code means other then just a general error message. Anybody have any ideas what could be causing the car to be shutting down like that?

P1426 means “Tank Vent. Valve Open”. Not sure whether that would cause a car to stall, though.

When it stalls, do the dash lights stay on or does everything go dead?

When it happens, open the gas cap and see if you get an inrush of air as you start to turn the cap. If you do, then tell your mechanic about it and he will know what to do.

If you are fixing it yourself, you have either a defective purge valve or a clogged charcoal canister.

& check if the problem is resolved simply by starting the car with the gas cap loose or off. Don’t drive like that, not safe, but at least then you’ll know it is some kind of fuel venting problem.

I see that VW stilll has not figured out that the problem is the ignition relay (load reduction). Someon e at VW will figure it out.

The contact is shorting out on the metal case. Something is expanding internally and shorting. Intermittant. Googling says that you should keep a spare. But changing out the relay when you are driving on the highway, with no power what so ever, is kinda difficult.

Buy a replacement relay. When the car stalls again, replace part. If the car does not restart immediately, this relay is not the culprit. Try another. Relays are cheap to buy and you can install your self.