Losing gas power

Here’s the issue and I can’t figure out why: I will drive 5 miles or so and all of a sudden I’ll lose gas power. In other words the car will still be on but when I press the gas nothing happens at all. The car then coasts, and once it gets to about 10MPH the engine cuts off. I can tell it cuts off because the oil and battery lights come on. Electric still works and there is a new battery in there too. Full gas tank as well.

What would cause a car to lose power and cut off mid drive???

Lots of things can cause this. Lets start eith teh basics, what year if your car, what is your car, how many miles does it have, any check lights on the dash, etc??

And what engine does it have?
And when was the last time you had a tuneup?

As said above, you need to post the make/model/year and mileage. My guess based on the symptoms is either the fuel pump, the fuel injection rail pressure, or the fuel filter. I’d expect a check engine code might be displayed though. Is the check engine light on?