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Chrysler Cutting Off

I drive a 2000 Chrysler 300m with over 210k miles on it. Over the last couple of months it has started cutting off on me when I come to a stop at a stop sign or street light. When this happens the steering wheel and gas pedal lock up but all of the electronic components (radio, lights, etc.) stay on. I recently took it to a shop and the replaced two sensors and a valve but I am still having the same issue. I understand that this car is very old and has a lot of miles on it but I was just wondering if anybody has ever heard of this issue before.

There are several possibilities but the Idle Air Control Valve is probably bad. Have it checked out by a good independent mechanic. The valve (when it goes bad) can cause your idle to drop rapidly as you come to a stop. It’s a fairly common problem.

i have the same car but only 132k miles on her . if you put the car in nuetrel does it stay running or does she stall . just wandering if the torque converter is unlocking or not. by the way you still can steer the car when the engine cuts off but it will take more effert to turn the wheel and there is nothing that can look uo the gas pedal it is just a pedal and a cable. maybe the throtle body needs to be cleaned from carbon built up. has the check engine light been on?

What do you mean by the steering wheel and gas pedal locking up? Do you mean that the steering gets hard to turn - If so, that’s normal when a car stops running. The gas pedal shouldn’t really do much of anything with the car stalling. Or do you mean the brake pedal?
When it stalls, do the dash lights come on (alternator/Batt light, oil light, etc)?