Car covers / condensation / rust

This vehicle get driven very little. Mostly sits out in the driveway. Have considered purchasing a car cover to help protect it. Located in southern Indiana with fairly high humidity. Worry about condensation forming. Then consequently rust.


If the cover is made of breathable fabric condensation shouldn’t be an issue.

Abrasion of the cover, and the dirt and dust under it, against the paint, however, may be.

If you’re buying a cover make sure it’s a good one and that it fits tightly and doesn’t move around in the wind.

Is the van parked on a paved surface or on the grass?

It is parked on a concrete driveway.

You could always keep a good coat of wax on it instead.

Or get one of those portable fabric “garages”.

Our vehicles are going to be getting good coats of hand waxing. Planning on hand waxing one of our cars this evening. The portable fabric garage is a no-go.

If it is made of breathable material, which most good car covers are, condensation and rust should not be issues.