Car Computer

I have a 1998 Chrysler Sebring 2.5L 6 cyl. The mechanic says the computer needs replacing and has taken one off another same year and model car. Once he puts the part back on the car, does the computer need to be “reprogrammed” and how do I do that? Thanks

The new (used) computer will be in “default” mode when installed and will adjust itself as you drive. You shouldn’t have to do anything.

They usually program themselves.

In a car that age, just drive like normal. Its auto adjusting, and doesn’t control anything fancy unlike some of the more recent cars that require a little more work after the computer gets replaced or wiped.

Don’t know anything about Chrysler but on a GM, there is a prom memory device that needs to be unplugged from the old one and plugged into the replacement one. One inch by two inches.

I’m a little surprised that your mechanic could not answer this for you. The part is “plug and play” (not really, but like that). If in fact the computer is your problem, the replacement will take up the functions of the original just fine and you should expect normal conditions after two trips. But this is not a part that often fails in most cars. It is generally a sturdy, well built, and if replaced new, very expensive part, about $1,000. Hope it works out.

Not on any of the '96 or newer. They are all flash programmable. No chips to swap out.

Thanks guys. The car (1998 Chrysler Sebring 2.5 L 6 cyl) started with the new computer. However, now, neither the overdrive (OD) light on the dash, nor the overdrive mechanism engages so the car doesn’t shift down at 40 mph, it stays in “second”. Also the SRS dash light is on. Is this a computer programming problem or what and how do I fix it? Thanks

First of all what computer did the mechanic replace?? Was it the TCM (Transmission computer)?? or was it the PCM (Engine control computer)?? Did the donor car have the same engine and transmission?? Was the donor the same year?? Has the mechanic scanned the computer for any trouble codes??


he replaced the engine computer. The donor car was the same make and model and year. Has not done scanning for trouble codes yet. No problem with transmission ever before this. I’m sure it has something to do with the computer replacement. Thanks