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What next?

I have a 2005 PT Cruiser convertable. I just had the cam sensor replaced and also the oxygen sensor. The check engine light has come again. The mechanic said the next thing to replace is the computer at $500. Is this normal for Chrysler cars? Is there something else that should be checked out before putting more money into this car? Thanks for the help.

This sounds like I diagnosed the system myself. I hope it’s under warranty. Some cars have a code for a bad computer or a term for an inability to communicate with it, but sometimes they have to guess. Nonsense codes are an indication of the possibility of a bad computer, and sometimes there is no sure way to know. I have not liked the Chrysler computers because their engines wouldn’t start in the cold on two 2.2 engines from 85 and 87. I probably needed an engine hearer.

The ability for the computer to talk with other computers in the car is a good indication of its health,does it? Why does the mechanic say its the computer? because he can’t get the code to go away? Tell him go ahead and put in a computer if it doesn’t fix it, no charge and you want your money back for the 02 sensor and the cam sensor in any case.

What of the 8 year, 80 mile mandatory warranty on certain parts of the emissions system? The dealer has details, and a copy, of this warranty. If you find that it’s not covered by warranty, bring the engine trouble code, and any symptoms, here for advice.

We are having the exact same problem, did you end up getting your problem resolved, if so, what was the result?