Car companies April Fools jokes

Check out seven jokes your favorite car companies perpetrated. If you need a laugh today, this should do it. Enjoy, and tell us what you liked, or didn’t like, about the jokes.

While most of these look silly enough to obviously be a joke, the proposed Yaris Adventure looks remarkably similar to small trucks that were/are sold in Mexico and Central America. There is definitely a market for them there, and I suspect that if the price was right, there would be a market for them here too.

BTW, I remember last year’s April Fool’s car joke, that Chrysler was to bring back the Plymouth nameplate and launch a modern-day economy car. It’s a real shame that the article was a joke.

It’s good the auto company’s advertising dept’s are able to take a break from all the serious dog-eat-dog marketing talk and enjoy themselves w/a little creative ‘poke fun at ourselves’ humor once in a while. Good for them. The small Yaris pickup truck makes some sense, probably a viable seller, from the comments we get here clamoring for a small pickup that can be used to haul some 2x4’s or take a load of leaves to the dump. I quite like that BMW Isetta too. How about a marketing contest between it and a Deaux Cheveau? :wink:

I liked the Yaris Adventure, especially where Toyota said they had a solution for a problem no one knew they had. It reminds me of the Subaru Brat in many ways. My favorite is the PieAce from Toyota Australia. Very creative and quite funny. I like all of them, but PieAce really did it for me.