Suzuki "Splash" (concept car)


In debating whether to keep my current 2000 Swift Hatch going in anticipation of its 2010 return to America or instead to go with a Toyota Yaris, I came across this:


Oh, and this:



I kinda like the sounds of the Chrysler Dumper!


That second link, the one about the GM Whim, is obviously a gag. Check the source. The first link, the one about the Splash, may turn out the same way. We may have ourselves another Yugo; one never knows.


The Splash is real.
The other is hysterical.

I loved one of the other articles: “neurotic woman turns for help to neurotic friends”. So very true.


Aw, c’mon Steve…I was being sarcastic and I think it’s safe to say the OP was too…that was a funny page…“Credit is due” :wink:


These two are hilarious too:


Yeah, yeah; okay, the second is a joke (Happy Day After April Fool’s Day; didn’t want to hijack the squirrel in the mini-van thread yesterday)… But I like the looks of that “Splash!” unless that’s the sound your body makes when it hits the Dash! in a Crash! Will have to wait to see the dimensions (size); it may not be small enough for my taste… ; /


Don’t forget, “Local Girlfriend Always Wants to ‘Do Something’” and “Snowmen March on Washington to Protest Global Warming” (photo: snowmen carrying signs reading “The Weather Outside is Frightful!” and “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!”; Jesse Jackson marching with them)