Best April fools jokes?


When my sister was about 9 years old my dad was backing out the driveway- driving us to school and like everyday he asked if there were any cars coming. We all replied no. He started puling onto the street when my sister yells real loud ,she was quite the screamer, “Stop! Theres a car!” Dad vilontly slams on the brake throws us into seatbelt slap back. He looks back at my sister who has a big grin on her face and says “april fools pa PA”. We got him. Once he cooled down we still got a ride. Pretty good for a 9 year old.


For the best April Fool’s joke see the thread entitled “55mph, it’s time has come”.

The joke was played before in the '70’s. What a farce THAT was! The cops had fun, though.


i say the best joke is,asking questions with the proper model,model year,trans gender,drivetrain eg:awd fwd 4wd ect,