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Car carpet stains

Any suggestions on how to remove carpet stains in car? have old dark stains due to spillage of soda, etc.

A Bissell Green Machine works well.

There is a cleaner called “Awesome” I buy from the Dollar store that works on most stains. I do the following.

  1. Spray the area with the Awesome.

  2. Scrub the area with a wet washcloth. Usually the stain will disappear after a bit of scrubbing.

  3. Lay a clean towel over the area. Weigh it down with a telephone book or similar. The towel will draw the moisture and the stain out of the carpet.

Ed B.

Can of rug cleaner and elbow grease.

I once had a real mess, and my local carpet cleaner took care of it. Nice job and not expensive.