Carpet and mat cleaning


the mats and the carpets have some stains and i was wondering if anyone can please suggest how to clean them and what should i use?

thank you.


I use Turtle Wax OxyClean (or something like that.) It’s a foam you spray on carpet, then scrub with an included plastic scrubber. Once dry, vacuum clean. It’s worked very well for me.

Other home remedies I’ve heard of, but haven’t tried, are baking soda, or corn starch. Just sprinkle on the stained area, rub in with something, and then vacuum up after a time.


As for the mats, when mine get really dirty I just take them out and scrub them with some dish detergent and a soft brush. Then I hose them off and hang them to drain and dry. With the carpets, you obviously don’t want that much water so any commercial carpet spot cleaner should work.


I have used shaving cream for the carpet and the rub it to clean. Worked fine.


Sometimes, you can just rub the stain away with a cotton rag. You need some pressure too.


Detail shops often use a high pressure washer, yes, even on the interior. Depends on how bad the stains are, and what they are caused by. Then they suck out the excess water with a wet/dry vacuum. For coffee, I use Tannix, available at janitorial supply houses. It will get out coffee that ordinary household cleaners won’t touch.