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Car brochures available on line for FREE

I just got this link in my email. I thought I’d share it here since I’m not a facebook sort of guy. My first car is prominently shown. Is yours?

Oh wow, thanks. There’s my beloved 59 Pontiac Catalina and in canyon copper too.

I love it!
My '61 Beetle wasn’t on it, and of course none of my many riceburners were there, nor was my '64 Fairlane (surprizingly), but my '72 Vega was.

It’s a great walk through history.

My Vega was there…It was funny reading how the car was Motor Trends small car of the year in 71 and 72. Quality is NOT a consideration by MT.

But I did like that car.

Not specifically, a 1961 dynamic 88. I remember my dad had a pontiac tempest wagon with a shift lever on the dashboard, thinking 61 but not sure, can’t tell from the brochures, but an awesome link, thanks. Now to look up my 68 xr7!

I still think my dad’s '56 Plymouth was a good looking car. Of course I was younger then…

Yes, that vile green 1948 Chevrolet DeLuxe was my first car. My second one was a 1957 Plymouth Plaza, an ungainly piece of poorly engineered junk!

That same 57 that rusted to a shell in Ok City? It was a very pretty car though.

Nope. 1965 Corvair Monza Convertible.

Love the brochures, though.

Here’s another good site:

@Bing The Plymouth Plaza (mine) had ugly lines; the one that self-destructed in Oklahoma was the Fury 2 door Hardtop; it had nice lines and more trim. Those cars were the first bio-degradable vehicles made!

We had a 58 and later a 61 Chevy wagon that I just looked at. I didn’t remember how massive they were. We used to take the duck boat and stick it in the back. Outside of sticking out the back a little, it fit just fine.

My first car was a FIAT, so no love for me.

I did find the cars my Dad had while I was a kid growing up.

1956 Buick
1960 Pontiac Bonneville
1965 Rambler Classic 660

As well as the car I learned to drive in, the 1972 Plymouth 'Cuda.

Thanks for the ride down memory lane!